$1.6B bond election could provide a quicker start for road projects totaling $230M

West Virginia- On Oct. 7, a $1.6 billion bond election will take place for the Roads to Prosperity Highway Program referendum. The bonds would be sold to pay for road work in Monongalia County and then paid back with car sales, gas taxes and an increased fee for motor vehicle registration. Eight projects in Monongalia County would be funded with the general obligation bonds. The projects, totaling $230 million, include the following:
– Work on .59 mile of the Mileground from Donna Avenue to County Route 857, Easton area – $15 million;
– Widening the Mileground from the Roundabout to the Morgantown Municipal Airport – $27 million;
– Improving and widening the Green Bag Road from the Kingwood Pike to White Park – $16 million;
– Improving and widening West Run Road – $13 million;
– Widening, improving drainage and adding a sidewalk to part of Van Voorhis Road – $11 million;
– Improving and widening Beechurst Avenue from Sixth to Eighth streets, near the Seneca Center shopping plaza – $8 million;
– Building directional ramps at the Interstate 79 Star City interchange and improving Chaplin Hill Road – $40 million; and
– Constructing a new connector from I-79 to Morgantown – $100 million.
Projects would advance as they become ready and would begin with those that don’t need rights-of-way purchased or utility work before construction can start.