$1B North Dakota pipeline project gets state funding

North Dakota –¬†Water authorities will receive $30 million in state funding to start building the $1 billion Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) pipeline after Gov. Doug Burgum signed SB2020 appropriating the funds.
The project will construct a 72-inch diameter pipeline to transport water from the Missouri River to a Sheyenne River reservoir north of Valley City. The bill also establishes a cost-share requirement of 75 percent state funds and 25 percent local funds.
Thirty-five communities and rural water systems have signed up for the development phase of the project, according to the project’s state lead and co-sponsor, Garrison Diversion Conservancy District. The city of Fargo will be the system’s largest customer.
SB2020 also includes $13 million in carryover grant funds from the state’s 2017-2019 budget for the RRVSWP. Bidding on construction jobs is expected to start this fall with work beginning spring 2020.