Atlanta transit board approves sequencing of $1.3B expansion

Georgia – The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has teamed up with the city of Atlanta for a major investment in public transit. MARTA’s Board of Directors approved the sequencing of the More MARTA Atlanta program’s transit projects, which calls for nearly $1.3 billion in improvements and adding new modes to the system.
The transit projects focus on adding 29 miles to light rail service, 22 miles to arterial rapid transit (ART), and 14 miles to bus rapid transit (BRT).
Among the projects are a Capitol Avenue BRT line to link various centers to Atlanta BeltLine’s Southside Trail; ART improvements to Cleveland Ave, Metropolitan Parkway, and Peachtree Road; and platform lengthening at Bankhead Station.
By 2025, more than a dozen projects are set to be operational, under construction, or in the planning and design phase. It’s estimated that the overall expansion program will be underway for a total of 40 years.