City of New Orleans plans riverfront redevelopment

ouisiana- The city of New Orleans expects to spend $15 million to convert Esplanade Avenue and Gov. Nicholls Street wharves into the final major piece of a 3.2-mile-long Tricentennial Park consisting of a variety of riverfront projects. The city swapped the Public Belt Railroad to the Port of New Orleans in exchange for the two commercial wharves. The agreement between the Public Belt Railroad and the port, directs the port to work toward the creation of an economic development district that would include the riverfront from Spanish Plaza to Bywater, but exclude any port facility within that area, such as the cruise ship terminal at the downriver end of Bywater.


While the plan for now, calls for mostly open park space along the riverfront, the city is not ruling out the possibility for revenue generating facilities. A proposal is in place to create an economic development district that would cover the area, allowing the city to gain additional revenue from any attractions that may be built there.


Other parts of the overall riverfront redevelopment include a new $37 million ferry terminal at the foot of Canal Street, a $7.3 million pedestrian bridge to the terminal over the Public Belt Railroad tracks, a $400 million redevelopment of the World Trade Center into a hotel and condos and a $7.5 million refurbishment of Spanish Plaza. The series of projects will be completed over the next several years

Miami-Dade County considers P3 for new courthouse

Florida-The population of Miami-Dade County is 25 times greater than it was in 1925, when the county courthouse was built, and a public-private partnership (P3) could assist with building a new one. The project could combine an availability design, build, finance, operate and maintain model with real estate development, which would create a unique opportunity for international equity investors and construction companies to partner with real estate developers familiar with the Miami market.


The County has identified approximately $50 million in available capital funds that could be applied toward the project. In addition, the cost of operating the existing county courthouse are approximately $3 million per year, which the county has indicated may be applied toward availability payments. The county may also make available certain valuable real estate properties to a private developer in the form of a long-term lease or other partnership as partial consideration for the development and operation of the project. A request for proposals will be released once a decision has been made.

National Zoo to add parking garage through a P3

Washington, D.C.- Smithsonian officials are planning for an additional 2.5 million visitors at the National Zoo over the next 10 years. To accommodate the increase in guests, plans are in the works to build a 6-story parking garage with 1,280 spaces for vehicles. Smithsonian’s National Zoo has just over 880 parking spaces on its Connecticut Avenue campus, and the $50 million project would increase the total number of spaces to just over 1,400.


The proposal combines four of the zoos five existing surface lots into one structure allowing for the space to be repurposed for animal habitats. The Smithsonian Zoo plans for the structure to be built through a public-private partnership (P3). A request for proposals is expected to go out next month with construction beginning in 2020.

City of Philadelphia wants ideas for public bathrooms and showers

Pennsylvania- Philadelphia’s Managing Director’s Office (MDO) released a request for information (RFI) last week asking several questions about how companies would construct and install public restroom and shower facilities around the city. Possible locations for the facilities haven’t been set, but the intention is to choose areas that are heavily concentrated with commuters, tourists and people experiencing homelessness.


The RFI doesn’t include many strict guidelines for companies except to include toilets, sinks and showers in their responses. The document states that submitted information may incorporate permanent and mobile facilities, used needle and sanitary product disposals, and any other ideas that seem relevant. Interested companies have to submit their responses by 5 p.m. on Nov. 17. The MDO hopes to notify selected companies by Nov. 24, which will lead to further discussions with those companies in early December.