Georgia University System gauges interest in student housing privatization

Georgia– The University System of Georgia has released a request for qualified concessionaires (RFQC) to measure the interest level in expanding a student housing privatization initiative that was launched three years ago. Responses for the RFQC are due by June 1 to see if the program could be implemented at seven additional campuses across the state. System officials expect to pre-qualify up to four concessionaires to take part in a detailed request for proposals (RFP) process.


The system is looking for a developer to design, build, finance, operate and maintain housing with more than 12,000 beds at five institutions, of which nearly 1,400 would be new beds or beds in renovated facilities. In addition, the concessionaire would operate and maintain nearly 3,300 existing beds at three institutions. Schools selected for the expansion include Albany State University, Savannah State University, the University of West Georgia in Carrollton and Valdosta State University.

LADOTD seeks first P3 for $122M project

Louisiana– The Louisiana Department of Transportation (LADOTD) is considering its very first public-private partnership. The partnership would finance a $122 million Belle Chasse Tunnel and Bridge. The tunnel and bridge are the primary access points for western Plaquemines Parish residents and businesses as well as the Naval air station. Currently, the tunnel carries traffic in one direction across the Intracoastal Waterway, and the bridge carries traffic in the other direction.


Both structures need repair as the tunnel is frequently closed due to leaks and the bridge requires frequent maintenance. The proposed project would replace the tunnel and bridge with a new mid-level, fixed-span bridge, which would carry traffic in both directions and reduce or eliminate the delays associated with operations and maintenance of the older infrastructure. In February LADOTD issued a notice of intent seeking letters of interest from interested private companies and investors. The letters of interest are due by April 4.

Erie County considers P3 for high-speed internet

Pennsylvania– The Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission and Connected Nation completed a study that identifies Erie County as providing the lowest access to high-speed internet in the region. County executives are reviewing the report that shows access at 7.6 percent and recommends forming a team to oversee and implement actions.

To counter this low access rate, the Northwest Regional Commission also suggests developing a public-private partnership (P3) to make broadband more available. Exact plans for the project have not yet been released, but the county’s information technology director is meeting with internet providers to look at ways to increase local internet access.

Long-term concession plans considered for turnpike system

New Hampshire– Portions of the New Hampshire Turnpike system may soon be privatized. The state’s public-private partnership (P3) Infrastructure Oversight Committee have considered P3 plan for long-term concession agreements. The three highways chosen for the turnpike project were opened in the 1950s. The project includes developing and operating service plazas and rest areas with dining, fuel and retail concessions along the highways.


The P3 will allow for the sharing of resources to finance, design, build, operate and maintain transportation infrastructure projects. The plan was developed after Gov. Chris Sununu shared a proposal by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to raise tolls on the turnpikes to accelerate completion of improvements to the roads.