Federal Railroad agency grants $25 million for PTC

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has awarded $25 million to projects implementing systems to monitor and control training movements. The systems, known as Positive Train Control (PTC), are designed to increase safety by helping prevent collisions and derailments, enforcing speed restrictions and improving wayside safety.

“Every dollar we invest in implementing Positive Train Control as quickly as possible is money well spent because ultimately it means fewer accidents and fewer fatalities,” said FRA Administrator Sarah E. Feinberg.

Congress mandated PTC implementation on the main lines of Class I railroads and certain other entities providing intercity or commuter rail passenger transportation. The original implementation deadline for PTC was in December, but legislation was passed last year to extend the deadline through 2018.

Eleven projects in six states and the District of Columbia were selected in this round of funding. The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association in Washington, D.C., will receive $2.5 million to develop a crew initialization back office server system. The system will make a back-office product that delivers PTC available to all short line and regional railroads.The Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company in Minnesota will receive $1.1 million to implement and test PTC systems. The project includes a contract with a back office service and interoperability message software provider, initial activation and licensing fees of hosted back office systems and two PTC equipped locomotives.

The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Texas will receive $3 million to implement Enhanced Automatic Train Control. The system will overlay the existing wayside signal system and enhance onboard, wayside and control office equipment and software to create a functional PTC system in the Austin area.

For details on all the projects awarded, visit www.fra.dot.gov/eLib/Details/L18324.