Fort Lauderdale Airport to accommodate growth with expansion

Florida- The number of passengers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport increased 23.4 percent in the past five years and this number is expected to grow. The airport has very little outside space for expansion, so improvements would need to be around the facility. The airport will need additional airplane gates, a way to connect its four terminals, decreased congestion in the terminal and to provide a larger cell-phone parking lot for people waiting for planes to arrive.
Another addition would be to demolish the four-level Palm Garage and replace it with a nine-level structure that includes a hotel. One thing the airport hasn’t had is convenient lodging for travelers. Planners haven’t figured out the details of a hotel, but it will probably be built through some type of public-private partnership. The cost of improvements won’t be paid for by taxpayers, but will come from grants and airport revenues – such as ticketing, landing and car rental fees.