Gay Erwin

Gay GerwinGay Erwin is an incredible strategist with proven credentials. Give her an objective and she will not only design the path to success, she will lead the way. She brings decades of experience to the Gemini Global Group.

Gay served in the executive ranks of government for two decades and she understands the nuances of government at every jurisdictional level. In her public sector roles, Gay served as a state agency’s chief administrator responsible for overseeing administrative policy and child support functions and was the chief liaison between a U.S. Senator and his constituents, his D.C. office and federal agency administrators. Gay has been called a “Steel Magnolia” because of her ability to remain calm, but tough in all situations. She is known for using her levelheadedness and sense of humor to guide clients to success, no matter the circumstances.

“One of our assets is that our consultants have the ability to see ‘around corners’ both strategically and politically,” says Gay. “This asset is hard to find in the consulting world.”

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