Illinois governor drafts $41.5B infrastructure funding plan

Illinois – Gov. J.B. Pritzker unveiled a $41.5 billion preliminary infrastructure plan on May 17 to lawmakers at the state Capitol. The draft “Rebuild Illinois” plan addresses the “C” grade the state’s infrastructure received from the Illinois Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2018.
Pritzker’s plan calls for $28.58 billion in spending on roads and bridges, mass transit, rail, aeronautics and other transportation. Education would receive $5.94 billion for state universities, community colleges and PreK-12 institutions. More than $4.4 billion would be directed to state facility infrastructure projects, and $1.01 billion would go to environmental and conservation needs. The plan also included funding for statewide broadband deployment, affordable housing, hospital and health care transformation and economic and community development.
The state would pay for these proposals by doubling its gas tax to 38 cents per gallon and increasing vehicle registration fees among other tax increases. Some of the funding would come from federal and local monies.