Kent Caperton

Kent CapertonKent Caperton’s sure hand has guided clients for years. He works on national and state issues for clients with government relations and public policy problems. He also teams with law firms on issues of complex litigation.

Kent’s legal background focuses on legislative and administrative matters as well as civil litigation involving complex issues and multiple partners. During his 10-year service in the Texas Senate, Texas Monthly called him the dominant member of the Senate and three times named him on their list of best legislators. He is also a former municipal judge, former assistant attorney general and is widely respected for his contributions to community and legal work.

As a consultant, Kent brings expertise to all aspects of legislative, regulatory and political policy.

“I work very closely with my clients, taking it one day at a time when it comes to active legal issues,” says Kent. “They can expect 100% commitment to get the job done properly, ethically and completely.”

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