Levee, water plant included in Foster City CIP

The two largest projects included in the $130 million capital improvement plan (CIP) for the city of Foster City, Calif., are a new levee, which is needed to avoid having the federal government place the entire city in a flood zone, and an overhaul of a wastewater treatment plant located in San Mateo.

Foster City shares the water treatment plant with other municipalities, including Hillsborough, the county of San Mateo and the Crystal Springs Sanitation District. State water officials have mandated the plant be updated to avoid sewage spilling into the San Francisco Bay.

The entire project will cost $770 million and could take 10 years to complete. Foster City’s portion of the project would run to $100 million. The city’s levee system runs eight miles long, and upgrading the system will cost between $35 million and $75 million. If improvements aren’t implemented, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will classify the entire city as a flood zone.

Over the next two years, the city will spend another $6.5 million on design, permitting and construction.