MDOT speeds up $1.3B project with a P3

Michigan- Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) administrators have decided to speed up its original construction schedule for Interstate 75 – an estimated $1.3 billion project in nine segments, to be completed by 2034. The first segment was completed before Labor Day and the remaining work will be condensed into a second and third segment. This is the largest public-private partnership in the state’s history and would allow a private company to design, build, maintain and operate sections of the I-75 corridor. MDOT will issue requests for qualifications from potential private partners before the end of the year, and it anticipates the selection process will wrap up in the summer and fall of 2018. The winning teams will be reimbursed via annual payments.
The second segment spans from 13 Mile Road to Coolidge Highway, with the state contracting with a company to design and build the project. That contract is expected to be awarded next summer and construction should finish in 2020. This portion will use existing state dollars and the state will be responsible for long-term road repairs. The third segment will include a contract not just for design and construction, but also for long-term financing and preventive road maintenance. That contract should be awarded by the fall of 2018, with construction set to finish in 2022.