Nabers to speak at NCPPP annual conference in Chicago in June

Mary Scott Nabers, co-founder of the Gemini Global Group, will join top leaders from all segments of the public-private partnership (P3/PPP) community to participate in the upcoming P3CONNECT conference in Chicago. The event, scheduled for June 27-29, is the annual conference of the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships. Nabers will be a speaker in the Real Estate and Social Infrastructure Institute Symposium portion of the conference.

Nabers, a recognized expert on public-private partnerships and author of Collaboration Nation – How Public-Private Ventures Are Revolutionizing the Business of Government, will speak at a plenary session on “The State of the Market” which will kick off the symposium as part of the Tuesday, June 28, portion of the conference.

The real estate and social infrastructure P3 market has shown promise recently as P3s are becoming recognized as a viable alternative funding source for public-sector projects. However, the number of projects in these two areas has fallen short of expectations. Nabers will address why projects have not kept up with public-sector demand and the hindrances that are keeping the market from expanding.

“Past P3 successes in areas such as transportation and water projects have shown us that there is definitely a future for public-private partnerships in America,” said Nabers. “It is time now to address any roadblocks to expansion of these collaborative efforts in real estate projects or social infrastructure projects such as public schools, hospitals and community housing.”

The conference features institute symposiums in four areas – water, transportation, real estate and energy. The symposiums are designed to provide the foundation for P3 Centers of Excellence that will soon be launched. The centers are expected to help map the future of public-private partnerships in the United States.