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Mary Scott Nabers and Ben Barnes founded the Gemini Global Group in 2011 and have been serving clients throughout the U.S. since then. The two long-time friends have spent all of their adult life developing strategy related to governmental objectives, business goals, economic collaboration, crisis management, business development, communication and public private partnerships.  It would be impossible to find two individuals more qualified to work with business leaders to accomplish objectives that encompass both the public and private sectors.

Mary and Ben and their experienced teams work with clients to develop and then implement the strategy.  Their network is extensive; their strategic experience is broad; and, their history of success is enviable.

To schedule a meeting or a call to learn more about the Gemini Global Group, call 512-531-3900 or reach out by email – mnabers@geminiglobalgroup.com.

Ben barnesBen Barnes


Ben’s keen political insight, hard work, ability to cut through the clutter, along with his charisma, made him a protégé of President Lyndon B. Johnson and an ally of Governor John Connally. His political career is the stuff of legend: elected to the Texas House of Representatives at the age of 22 and elected the youngest-ever Lieutenant Governor with more votes than any statewide candidate in Texas history. His legislative legacy has benefited generations of Texas public school students and he has helped to transform Texas into a technological hub. After leaving office, Ben tried his hand at land development and was instrumental in creating the Barton Creek Resort in Austin, TX. He foresaw an urban and modern Austin and was part …Read More

Mary Scott Nabers Team Photo

Mary Scott Nabers


Mary is co-founder of the Gemini Global Group (G3), a firm specializing in business development, public-private partnerships and government affairs. A recognized expert regarding public-private partnerships (P3s), Mary is the author of Collaboration Nation, How Public-Private Ventures Are Revolutionizing the Business of Government. Her book explores this growing trend and describes how government officials are reaching out to private enterprise for innovative ideas as a result of revenue shortfalls. Because of her recent book, Mary is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has worked with cities interested in learning about best practices for public-private partnerships…. Learn More about Mary Scott Nabers


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